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Here’s how our Personal Chef Service works:


v      Call (845) 216-4535 to arrange an in-home consultation, during which time we'll inquire about your food preferences, your likes and dislikes, and we’ll discuss any special dietary needs such as low fat , low salt,  low carbs, or food allergies.


v      We’ll develop a custom menu for you and schedule a date for service. 

v      On your day of service, we’ll begin our workday by heading for the market.

v      With your menu in hand, we'll select the finest, freshest, most nutritious ingredients available and deliver them to your home.

v      We’ll bring our own equipment to your home (pots, pans, knives, spoons, etc.), plus herbs, spices, and everything else we'll need to prepare your delicious entrées and side dishes.


v      After we cook your meals, we’ll place them in suitable containers, label the contents, and note the date and portion size.


v      Then we'll clean your kitchen. You won’t even know we were there, except your house will be filled with the wonderful aromas of your delicious just-cooked meals.


v      You’ll find your entrées and side dishes stacked in your freezer, and we’ll leave you easy-to-follow defrosting and heating instructions.


v      If you’ll be home the evening of service, we’ll leave one set of fresh entrées and side dishes in your refrigerator for you to enjoy right away.

Our standard service gives you 10 nights worth of meals for 2 people.

Each service includes 5 different entrées of 4 portions each, plus appropriate side dishes. With that come customized meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, all ingredients and supplies.


It’s easy and affordable. 

Call today and start enjoying this unique service.